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Remembering Dr. Fu



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DEDICATED TO DR. CHARLES WEI-HSUN FU (1933-1996) to extend the search for knowledge & wisdom, promote the international efforts of philosophers, and encourage ever deeper explorations of Asian Thought and Culture


The mission of the Fu Foundation is multi-faceted, yet unified, emulating the life and work of Dr. FU himself:

  1. To carry on and disseminate the scholarly work of Dr. Charles Wei-hsun Fu (publications)
  2. To support educational enterprises in the field of Asian thought through cash awards for scholars and students scholarships as well as assistance in publications
  3. To encourage academic research and popular education in the field of Life and Death Studies internationally
  4. To support projects aimed at the protection of other animal species and the environment, from the global village to the rain forest (organizations)

"My deep conviction concerning the need for changes in our curriculum arises from my own intercultural and interdisciplinary experiences. Although my educational and cultural background is East Asian, my original professional training was in Western philosophy. Subsequently I taught at several departments of philosophy, and . . the department of religion. In order to guide our students into the next century, it is imperative that we design more and more courses capable of stimulating students in cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary terms in our ever-shrinking global village. . . .
That task must be shared by us all as concerned and responsible educators."

"Toward a Creative East-West Dialogue in Moral Education and Value Orientation,"
Rethinking the Curriculum (1989)


Billionaire John W. Kluge, president of Metromedia Company, has established the equivalent of a Nobel Prize focused on the Humanities, the $1 million Kluge Prize for Lifetime Intellectual Achievement, observing:

"I have felt for a long time that humanities and social sciences are quite often considered secondary citizens."

Dr. Fu often lamented the lack of a Nobel Prize in Philosophy, for which he would have been an ideal condidate!

The Fu foundation welcomes the participation of Independent Scholars in its programs!