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The Birth of The Foundation


Fu Foundation LogoThe butterfly is a favored symbol in many cultures. In China it is linked with:

  • love--from the star-crossed couple who become butterfly lovers to the dearly departed who return in butterfly form.
  • transformation, as in Zhuang Zi's butterfly dream
    In other cultures the butterfly is associated with its experience of metamorphosis, a life/death cycle of new emergence and resurrection.

In Taiwan the butterfly has special meaning, for the island plays host to many species. Of the estimated 19,000 butterfly species throughout the world, 377 are native to the island, which has the world's greatest butterfly density. To the class conscious Rukai tribe, the butterfly is a symbol of nobility as well as a bringer of good luck.

Life, Love, Death, and Transformation are all concerns closely connected to the Mission of the Fu Foundation as we seek to sustain the philosophical flights of Dr. Fu's amazing mind and spirit.